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First post^^

My 1st Original Poem: The Sickness
I’m sick of being treated like a kid
You never once listened to a thing I said or did
Made me feel confused
Lying about what was right and wrong
And now I feel used
I need to lay down my head
On the bed
Of my imagination
Not the imitation
Of what this world wants me to be
Now I see
Through the pack of lies
Now I realize
That you turned you’re back on me
Tried to turn my A’s to D’s
Turn my friends to enemies
I’d rather stay in my world of pretend
Than the alternative
To live in your world of harsh reality
Where the only peace is war
Where when I want less you want more
You enjoy seeing me in pain
But now I’m gonna beat you at your own game

I’m sick of running away
Sick of doing everything your way
Where there are choices I have none
Not allowed to even see the light of the sun
That spark of life I once had
Has gone bad
I struggle no longer
As I become weaker you grow stronger
But beneath the scars is a ray of hope
Beneath the pain is the power of somebody
And it spreads throughout my body
Now I remember what I’m fighting for
Remember there’s still a way to tie the score
And that spark returns to me
Now I see
The light of day
That you tried to block away
As you back away in fear I step forward
To finish what I started
To warm the cold-hearted
And I’m sending you back where you came from

I’m sick of the pain
Tired of all my efforts being in vain
Take me instead of them
I won’t let you hurt my friends
The way you did me
The way you let the whole world see
Who and what you really are
I refuse to stand by
And let all my work be destroyed
I have to stand and fight
While my future still seems bright
Why must it come to this?
Fighting until there’s nothing but a black abyss
But standing in the face of danger is what its all about
Staring fear in the eye reveals the person you really are
And as I land my final blow
I turn my face and go
Away from all the pain and suffering
Away from the fear and sadness
And into the happiness and laughter
As we all lived happily ever after.
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