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Modern Freedom

Sighing again
This ache won’t go away
Feeling like a punishment for my sin
You almost sound happy as you say
Those words that crushed me
Ruined my day
And it’s all your fault
Maybe I’m just being jealous
But I never get to go
And maybe I’m just a whiny teenager
But you know
That I hardly see my friends anymore
They’re what I need right now
I wish I had more freedom
Maybe I wouldn’t be so numb with anger
And lock myself away
Maybe my heart wouldn’t feel like a drum
Punching against my chest
Perhaps then these poems would be happy for once
Wouldn’t have all these problems in my life
But I guess you don’t see that, huh?
Pretty blinded, huh?
If I were just more free
I wouldn’t be embarrassed
I’m not a child anymore
Stop trying to hold me back
I’m not saying I want to pack my bags
I’m not asking for a rights movement
I just want the freedom my friend has
How can I tell you, though?
You don’t listen, you don’t understand
Guess I’ll keep my freedom in my dreams
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