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hey a post from your mod. heh

Hola sorry I don't post anymore, computer problems. Props to everyone who has posted..

Here's something I'm sort of working on...

And unreasonable death is what the poor girl recieved
a stuck of humiliation is what she concieved
no one gave a care whether or not is she was reak
they made jokes behind her back, but she can still hear
didn't understood why she couldn't heal
she cut a ltter so deep in her sking starting with "Mother Dear,"
and she went on, the pain was just too much
she now them forgot to write one to her dad
so she'll use her let to write to him
or maybe she'll forget about it
all the frustratuin and anger and sadness in her tears
continuing to cut she remembers her fears
her arm feels numb cause the vien bleeds more
she doesn't scream too loud, reason for this is because she is listening to hear her mother walk in through the font door...

It's still in progress soo yeah
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